primark do dungaree's

t-shirt £4 // dungarees £12 - both primark 

I picked up this t-shirt and these dungaree's in primark the other day - I actually went in there to look at their midi dresses like marie's here but I just looked like a beached whale in a frumpy piece of material so I didn't buy any. I actually picked up 6 things in primark and tried them all on in the changing room ! I actually can't believe the last time I picked up enough stuff to go in the changing room. 

I got this t-shirt because you have probably seen the topshop one and I thought this is very similar for a fraction of the price for something i'll wear a couple of times, I sure topshops is £16-£18 so £4 for this primark one is nothing and seriously its a decent quality for the money and I love the colour. 

The dungarees were something that I kind of bought on a whim ! I like them and I know they are very easy to wear and in the summer I WILL wear them but I kept thinking but will I wear them and will I look like abit of a div - because I only wear dresses and skirts but I bought them - i know I would regret it if come may everyones wearing dungarees primark don't have them anymore and topshop's selling them for £40 so I got them and at £12 who cares !!! I spend £12 on crap all the time ! I have stuff in my wardrobe with tags on so who am I kidding hahaha 

Just thought i'd show you these bits and go to primark they have some fab stuff in this spring :) 

I'm at Birmingham Fashion week today so follow me on instagram at amydtm for updates and pictures :) 


Unknown said...

omg i love the dungarees gonna have to get me a pair

Anonymous said...

I need to go & get a pair of these dungarees now! x

Unknown said...

Ahhhh amazing, looks like I need to go to Primark.... again X

Carly said...

Gosh, I love the Primark dungaree's too, I picked some up last year and they are so cute! xxx

Gemma Eales said...

i love the dungarees, definitely going to have to try them on when they come into my local primark! xx