Urban Decay Naked Basics

This is my 400th Post !! 

The Urban Decay Palettes are something that I look at every single time i'm in debenhams but I rarely use eyeshadow so the Naked palettes are just too expensive so when I spotted this New Basics palette on buyapowa.com I was so excited! It was £14.50 with £2 (p+p) it normally retails at £20 so I was happy I saved abit of money.

Overall the palette is abit on the small side which I don't mind because its a nice size to fit into your make up bag. The packaging is a matte material and inside you have a lovely very decent size mirror

6 everyday shades to create a range of different looks! I've been using venus in the corner and as a highlighter and then naked 2 and faint to create a smokey/ natural look.

The palette contains mattes and satins and 4 exclusive shades. It's a lovely little palette with 6 full size Urban Decay shades.

I'm really glad I bought this palette because the pigmentation is really good but I still think £20 for eyeshadow palette is abit much for me because I've only recently started wearing eyeshadow but because I got a discount £14 isn't that bad -  I think Urban Decay should make more palettes like this with less shadows so that people like me who can't justify £38 for eyeshadow but would like to use the palettes like this.


Unknown said...

So tempted to try this.

Btw your blog is very pretty!


Unknown said...

I've had my eye on this for ages but every time I tried to get it it had sold out everywhere! I ended up getting impatient and just buying the Naked2 palette instead! This one looks brilliant still though, I love the matte colours, the shades in Naked2 are good but maybe a few too many sparkly ones for day to day! Sort of wish i'd waited and got this one now!

Sophs xx

The Sopho Diaries

Gemma Etc. said...

You did so well photographing this haha! I reviewed this last week, and I took a million pictures trying to get the colours to show accurately! :D xx
Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

amypyt said...

Thank you Gemma that means a lot !!
I love your blog xx

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to get one of these palettes, but they always turned out to be heavy on my pocket..:-(
nice post btw.