BFW; Birmingham Fashion Week

 Hats By Karen Morris Milliner and Clothing By Sample Clothing 

 Clothing : Sophia Couture

 Times Red from the X factor 

 the girls at sample clothing 
 the catwalk
The press area 

I went along to Birmingham Fashion Week - I was really excited because this was the first fashion event i've been too apart from Birmingham clothes show. It was really fun have a press pass / VIP access and getting to sit and watch the shows from the front row! 

Birmingham International Fashion Week brought together British and international designers to put together a weekend of fashion with half of the proceeds from ticket sales going to Unicef. 

The catwalk shows that I saw included clothing by Sample Clothing who sell vintage clothing here on Asos Marketplace, Hats by Karen Morris Miliner and dresses by Sophia Couture. It was really exciting for me to sit and watch the shows and I really enjoyed the shows and had a great day! It was defiantly a good experience and I would love to go to fashion events again.  

In between the shows I had a look around the stalls, you could buy clothing, taste chocolate or just have a chat and do some networking. I had a good look around and then went to sit in the press area where I met the lovely Paulina , she has a lovely blog so check that out.

I have to say the day was really good and I would love to go to an event where the fashion was more high street, and maybe things i'd wear. The people who were working at the event were lovely and very helpful and I think events like this are good because we have the Bullring and Selfridges and the Mailbox and yet Birmingham is lacking in Fashion Events! 

The gaps between shows seemed to drag because after looking at the stalls a couple of times there wasn't really anything to do. I watched the performance from Times Red which was fab ! And then left because of the HUGE gap between 2-4 which was a break but there was really nothing to do and my shoes were hurting. 

I really hope Birmingham fashion week brings more fashion events to Birmingham because a lot of these events take place in London and It's time they came to Brum! 

Amy x 

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