Southern Comfort * // Pure Orange Juice // Lemonade // Clementine or orange 

With it being lovely and sunny today I wish I could of spent all day in the garden with a drink in my hand however I spent it at work boo! So when I got home I thought I would treat myself to a cocktail and decided to have a little browse on the southern comfort website to find some great recipes. You can check it out here and even add your own

I love a nice light fruity cocktail so decided to keep it simple. I poured the Southern Comfort over ice first, a fairly decent measure... followed by orange juice which I filled up to the half way mark and then filled the glass with lemonade. I finished with some clementine garnish as thats all I had in however you could use orange or lemon for a more citrus taste.

This cocktail is a really lovely fresh summery drink. It's sweet and light which is what I like in a cocktail, you can play around and use different ingredients maybe you would prefer it still so you wouldn't use the lemonade or you could use pinapple or mango juice if you prefer. There's so many different cocktails you can create using Southern Comfort which is why the website is great! You can easily find loads and loads of different recipes and they are really easy to follow and give you some great tips !

If you do make your own cocktails use the #whateverscomfortable hashtag on twitter !

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Hayley said...

I love southern comfort so will definitely be trying this out!
Water Painted Dreams xo