Before I go on holiday I get my ipod out and put some new music on there. I sometimes get abit bored with whatever i'm listening to and want to update it abit. I love listening to old music aswell as the latest releases. On holiday I tend to listen to my music alot! I read my kindle aswell.

I've been listening to alot of Rihanna and JLO recently but I really do listen to everything. I went to see New Kids on The Block a couple of weeks ago with Clint, i've never really listened to their music until recently and I actually really like some of their songs, so I may be popping a few tracks onto my ipod. I also have a few old guilty pleasures, I love Britney Spears and her old hits so I have her greatest hits on my ipod. I also love abit of Kylie I know she's playing The O2 in September/October which I think would be amazing to attend!!

I love Calvin Harris - He was amazingggg at VFestival. Ellie Golding and Nicki Minaj these are some of my favourite artists who are already on my ipod and I don't ever get bored of their music.

I love going to see bands and artists live, i've been to so many different gigs and I went to V Festival a few years ago. It was the year when Rihanna and Eminem headlined so that was amazing!! I also saw Katy Perry a few years ago on her Teenage Dream Tour and it was actually briliant! I had so much fun and I really want to see her perform again.

Who do you like to see live and what are your favourite artists and bands ?

*In collaboration with The O2


Anonymous said...

Love this playlist! It's a pop haven!

Emma x

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