I'm not going to sit here and pretend I have the best blog in the world and talk like i'm an expert. I'm not! however I have been blogging for a while and have a few tips and tricks I would like to share with you.

Starting a blog 
1. Using a host like blogger or wordpress is the easy way to start a blog, you can use templates when making posts and a layout.

2. Keep it simple - try and keep your layout simple. You want it to be easy to read. Keep your content simple aswell - you want your blog to be recognisable for its content and not too confusing.

3. Use social media to advertise your blog posts, it's a great way to get your blog out there.

Keeping up with your blog

1. Start a series or feature on your blog for example on a sunday do a weekly update, this way your viewers know they can expect a post from you on this day etc.

2. Use twitter and facebook to update your followers if your away from your blog, on holiday for example.

3.Get your own style, writing, photography and layout. Originality is something readers and brands for for.

Who to know ?

Theres loads of people who can impact the quality of your blog. If you have any questions or queries about blogging the first person you ask is another blogger. Via twitter or facebook using a blogger hashtag is a easy way to get your queries answered.

SEO - Companies like Total Media and other Media buying agencies in London  work with big brands and companies and work with bloggers on campaigns that can be very worthwhile for bloggers. They have an extensive knowledge in media and can develop relationships.

Theres loads of people in blogging who know about google ad words and how to get your google page rank up etc.. I'm not very good at these things, but this is stuff you can research and google yourself.

Why you should blog? 

1. You should blog because you want to!

2. If you just blog to get freebies people will notice! You need to be genuine and blog because you want to work with brands and grow as a person. If companies do want to work with you just remember that you should work with brands because its relevant to your blog and readers.

3. Don't blog because you feel you have to! If your struggling to blog or fall out of love just have a break, most of your readers will understand.

What are the Rules ?

1. There are rules when blogging.
- Don't steal content - always ask permission before using someone elses words and photos !
- If you are sent a product or given money for a post you must disclose this information
- Be careful, try not to be too opinionated or judge others etc because as a blogger you are representing yourself. Employers will look at your blog if you mension it.

Theres loads and loads of things to be aware of when blogging I didn't really know anything before I started and I just learnt things as I went along. I started my blog and it was more of a personal diary and then it grew and I started doing outfit posts and reviews. I now get sent alot of products to feature and I have worked with huge brands. Just be unique and remember its very competitive and some people have had their blogs for years, it's not going to be huge over night, don't expect to be blogger of the year however just be yourself and blog because you want to!

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