A little update: my next step

Over on www.amypyt.com apart from a few quiet spells the I have continued to post regularly, I have fell in love with blogging again and i'm really enjoying it. Now I have finished university I feel like I actually have time to blog again. 

I've just finished my degree in Fine Art at Coventry University, I have mentioned my course in posts before and I've shared my work on my blog and via instagram so some of you may be aware of my work. I have been very stressed and my course did become full on towards the end, I have a part time job aswell and managed to juggle univeristy and my job.

I've recently got a new job, this again made things harder aswell as finishing university I had to attend my interview, fill out forms etc. It's all very new to me as I was at my previous job for about 4 years. Now university is over i'm loving my new job and i'm much happier than I was before. I am still working at my previous job aswell because i'm going on holiday soon and could do with the money and hours. I'd recommend a change if your feeling stuck in a rut or just fancy a change with your career. Theres so many ways to apply for jobs now, using a UK job search website like City Calling is a great way to find new opportunities on the move. You can even use City Calling if your an employer to find matches, so you can find that perfect candidate.

I wanted to get on the PGCE teacher training course this year however so far I haven't been accepted. I now intend to continue working part time throughout the summer and then come september I want to get some classroom experience in schools and maybe volunteer at youth groups. 

I just wanted to let you know what is going on with me in real life so you know whats happening behind my blog.

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