How to Do Festivals, in Fancy Dress Style
As summer fast approaches, many people will have their eye on a cheeky festival or two. Whether it’s a family-friendly outing, or a full-scale weekend in the mud at Glastonbury, there’s no shortage of festival options, no matter where you are in the country. While the line-ups are often at the forefront of festival-goers minds in the run up to their chosen weekend, others will have thoughts about what they’re going to wear to stand out from the crowd.
The clothing that you should pack for a festival depends largely on what you’ll be doing once you’re there. The UK weather is infamously turbulent, leaving many festivals in knee-deep mud within a day or two, so a pair of wellies is essential. Apart from that, anything goes! Fancy dress is a popular choice with festival-goers – it’s fun and comfortable, and will well and truly get you into the festival mood!
If you want to stand out from the crowd, fancy dress is the way forward. And, if you’re on a tight budget (and would prefer to keep as much money aside to spend once you’re on the festival site), you can buy some fab outfits from George at ASDA that won’t break the bank.   
While some festivals offer up a fancy dress theme to follow, others will leave you to your own devices, trusting that your imagination will provide an outfit suitably silly and perfect for some candid camera moments as you wander around the festival site. Take the Isle of Wight Festival, for example. Last year, they gave attendees the chance to dress up in “funny fancy dress”, while Glastonbury updated ticketholders with Flash Mob fancy dress themes during the weeks prior to the big weekend. This year, festivals throughout the summer will undoubtedly provide ideas for you to follow when it comes to planning your costumes, and if not, the fancy dress world is your oyster.
Opt for an outfit that will not only stand out and be comfortable, but one that will be able to stand the tests of a muddy field in the middle of nowhere. While sky-high heels would normally be the way to go when it comes to packing a punch with an outfit, they may be a bit of a fashion faux-pas at an outdoor festival – you’d likely look good, but it’s not the most practical footwear in the circumstances, and you don’t want to break any bones! Why not try the new season’s jelly shoes instead for footwear that’s fashion-forward, comfortable and wipes clean!
The English weather often leaves a lot to be desired, so make sure that whatever outfit you do choose to wear will stand the tests of the downpours. Face paints are a handy thing to pack in case the sun shines, but if you’re facing a soggy day, perhaps they should be kept in your backpack through fear of them streaming down your face.
Whether you have a unique and innovative costume theme to work off, or you have to magic something up yourself, fancy dress is an awesome way of making the festival experience even more amazing. Enjoy yourself this summer, and have fun in festival fancy dress! 

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Unknown said...

That's such a cool idea, to do Festivals in fancy dress. I'm usually so busy looking at all the cute dresses and shorts that fancy dress doesn't even occur to me! Definitely something to consider :) xx

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i love those wellies girl!!

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