Bit of a different review today. I have started eating abit healthier and I have been calorie counting. I do alot of walking and have wanted a pedometer for a while so I jumped at the chance to review this Ozeri digital pedometer.

I have tried apps that count your steps and calories burned however i've found them to be very inaccurate because it adds steps when your not actually moving but when your using your phone.

This pedometer is a much more accurate figure and it records steps, distance, speed and calories.
It has a 7 day memory, it has a calender and clock built in.

I've been using it to keep tabs on my walking and then using this data alongside my healthy eating to work out what calories i'm burning. I want to bring this on holiday aswell as I find I walk loads more on holiday and this is such a lovelty small light device that is easy to carry around.

I would recommend this as its such a handy little size and is so accurate, you can buy it online from amazon for only £15.95.

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