REVIEW: Mohdoh Aromatherapy dough - £4.99

These little pots of dough were in my goodie bag from the #brumbloggermeet I was very intrigued when I read they were little balls of aromatherapy oil dough balls I opened them immediatly.

The orange one is infused with Mandarin, Rosewood and Petitgrain and is for those who don't travel well. Orange is an uplifting colour and can stop you feeling bored or anxious, I think they are lovely for people who like to fidget when they are anxious or if you don't want to take medication for your anxieties then these are a great alternative.

The Yellow one is called think and is designed to motivate. It contains Rosemary, Basil, Rosewood and Palmarosa. This one is for minds that require a lift, the Yellow is associated with joy and happiness to trigger good ideas.

I haven't used the travel one but the Think one defiantly motivated me to blog and do my uni work. I think they are really fun to play with and would be great for children if they are not very well behaved in the car or you want them to be quiet or motivated. They both smell really nice and very therapeutic and they don't smell too overpowering!

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