Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen Manna Loaf

Manna Loaf £3.50 *

Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen is an Edinburgh Family run soap making company! They make bath bombs, scrubs, soaps and candles. Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen use natural ingredients with either fruit or vegetable bases.

The Manna Loaf is an exfoliating soap, it smells gorgeous - like cakes and almonds. Its a really lovely sweet smelling soap. I must say when I first looked at it I was wondering how it's a soap because of its texture but when you add it to water and rub it in your hands it does begin to lather and it's lovely.

I can imagine this soap will last a very long time! It doesn't go down very quick and I really think its going to last ages and £3.50 is an absolute bargain for a handmade soap.

It's a really lovely company - I love handmade products and I love that this company is a family run company and I think everyone should go and have a look ! They sell some AMAZING looking bon bon style bath bombs which I will be buying !

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