REVIEW: LUSH Marilyn Hair Treatment

Marilyn - £8.95 - LUSH

Marilyn is a pre- wash hair treatment for blondes. It maintains blonde hair and makes its brighter and lighter and prevents those orange / brassy tones from building up. It contains camomile and lemon which makes the hair look brighter. 

I've been using Marilyn for a while. You can either use the whole tub in one go or use it regulary to stop those brassy tones appearing. I use this about once a fortnight to just keep those tones at bay.

I love products that are especially for blondes like Marilyn, it makes me feel special because I'm blonde! and you know that what your using is designed to work for your hair colour.

Marilyn is a creme- like texture and you apply it to dry hair for about 20 minutes. I would recommend if your using your whole tub on a more intensive treatment to leave on for as long as possible for maximum effect.

Then rinse and wash and style your hair as normal .

I noticed straight away that my hair was looking less brassy and alot more blonde. I think this is a really great natural way of getting those natural blonde tones to be more visible rather than bleaching.

I now use this to prevent the orange or brassy tones appearing. I think £8.95 is rather expensive but this tub will last me like 2 months so really its good.

And also you know that because its from LUSH all the ingredients are good and not going to damage of ruin your gorgeous blonde hair :)

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