REVIEW: Brand Village

The Wayoh Bag - a Gessy Collection Soft Structured Satchel in Grey - £23.99

Brand Village is a bag website that sells some really lovely bags and they are such a great value for money. This satchel bag retails at £23.99 which is a bargain compared to other similar Satchel bags.

The quality of the bag is really nice. It's a soft PU leather so its not too stiff but its also a really good quality material so I think the bag will last a very long time.

The buckles are silver and are very nice and a great little touch to the bag - I also love the little lable pocket that gives the bag that vintage school bag effect.

The bag has an adjustable long strap and a handle so you could take the strap off to make it more of a going out style bag or leave the strap on for an everyday casual bag.

I'm so impressed with this bag and I will be getting loads of use out of mine. Its a really good size and you could easily fit an A4 folder in there so would be great for those of you at college or uni.

It comes in loads of different colours including a gorgeous neon pink and yellow making it this seasons must have!! They also do black, grey and brown for a more conservative look. I think the brown looks really nice and vintage.

Overall this is a really decent size bag that everyone needs. I love satchel bags because they never go out of fashion and are so versatile.

I would really recommend having a look on the Brand Village website because they have some fabulous bags ! Also follow them on twitter for updates and discount codes !


SammiLou said...

This looks lovely! I was just about to buy myself the grey one and the black one but I thought the grey was lighter as it looks much lighter in the website pics. Is it really so dark/close to black or d'you think I could still get both? x

amypyt said...

It's dark but it's defiantly grey!!
I'd love to have the black one aswell and I think I'd get so much more use out of a black one

Hope this helps xx

SammiLou said...

Ah okay brilliant - both it is haha! thanks x