REVIEW: NUDE miracle mask

NUDE skincare: Miracle mask - £38*

Miracle mask is an exfoliating mask by NUDE. The mask contains AHA's with rice beads to reveal an instantly flawless, radiant complexion. The beads are really little and gentle but this mask is amazing. 

- You apply the mask using your fingers, make sure you apply to any problem areas, leave for about 5 minutes and then rinse. This then removes any dead skin and reduces the appearance of pores.  

I have quite large pores and I actually noticed a difference after using this product just once, I've used it a few times and I must say that I can see visible results. I am going to start using this once a week to unclog my pores and i'm hoping that this should make my pores reduce significantly. 

You don't really need to use a lot of product and by using this product once a week I think it's a real value for money. I think £38 is ALOT of money but this is a 'Miracle' product. It actually works on my skin and visibly reduces my pores. If this product continues to work on my skin I will defiantly be repurchasing. 

So far i'm very impressed with NUDE and will be reviewing a few more NUDE skincare products soon so look out for those. 

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beano54 said...

Great review
I have this mask not tried it yet as am being good finishing my others first
Cannot wait for other reviews