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Popband - RRP £5- £6 *

I was kindly sent these Popband bottles to review. I've always wanted to try something like this because I hate having kinks in my hair! I work as a waitress and have to wear my hair up. I usually work on a saturday so if I decide to take my hair down on a saturday night I have a hugeee kink in my hair :(

I love that you can choose from so many different colours and designs and they even have a bit of bling on some of the elastics !! They are designed to stop your hair from kinking or denting your hair and they don't rip out clumps of hair either.

So I took the Popband to the test and wore it to work on a busy Saturday day shift! I put my hair up at about 11:30 and took it out at about 5:30 so that was a decent 6 hours in my hair.

You can also wear them on your wrists like I have above- You can wear them alone or pop a couple on  like I did. I think the grey and light blue looks lovely together! These would be handy for festivals because you can keep it on your wrist and it looks like a bracelet and then you've got a bobble when you need it!!

The results: 

I did have a slight kink in my hair - however I had washed my hair that morning so it could have been a bit damp still but the kink was alot less visible than using a normal bobble.

Also it stayed in my hair all day and didn't move or come loose at all so no fidgeting with my hair all day !

Although it left a slight kink I really do think that this was down to damp hair. I do really like these elastics however I do think they are very expensive for what they are! But a multipack of plain ones is £6 for 5 so that works out £1.20 each which isn't bad because they work ! and it won't snap like a normal bobble so unless you lose it you should be able to use it for years and years!

Popband offer free delivery on all UK orders!

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Carly said...

I really love the idea of these but I'd probably be tempted to just buy a multipack of the plain ones. xxx