Lancome Event New Hypnose Palette

 Some of the different shades of Hypnose Palettes
 Lydia used me as her model and then Gemma, Clare, Sophie and Helen had to experiment on each other. This was great because we got to learn how to use the different products.

 This is the Palette Lydia used on me. It's abit darker than the shades I would usually go for but the colours are beautiful and I love how they shimmer!
 mmm- These were so good !  

 The V Shape concealer trick ;) to reduce creasing.

 Gemma , Clare, Lydia, Helen, Sophie 
 Lydia has done my eye shadow and is now applying Cils Booster which is a super-enhancing mascara base that you can apply under mascara to make your lashes longer. She then used Hypnose star mascara which is amazing!

 Color Fever lip gloss - this was minty flavour and was really nice and not tacky 
 Blush Subtil Palette in Rose Flush - buy here 

Lydia used a whole range of products from Genifique to the new palettes and then the lipgloss and blush. 

The new eyeshadow palettes are really easy to use and have a numbering system so you can't go wrong. You follow the number and apply the colour to the right area of the eyelid to create the perfect look and you use all of the colours in the palette. 

The new blush / contouring palette is gorgeous. I love the shade of pink in the rose set and would love to have this in my collection. It has a highlighter and contouring shade in there as well so it's a great value for money at £27!

The evening was lovely and I just wish I could have bought something but my spending ban is coming into place over the weekend because my holiday is just around the corner! I'm excited for our next Lancome event where we will be seeing a couple of new launches. 

I'd like to thank Gemma Button for inviting me and Lydia for putting on a fabulous evening :) ! 


Helen said...

Really enjoyed this evening! The colours used on you looked great! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ah that looks like such fun! :-)

I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you're interested xo

Megha said...

You look great! Its always fun to attend such events <3
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