REVIEW: Jurlique Love Balm Rose

Jurlique Love Balm Rose - £10* 

I've been using this Jurlique lip balm for a few weeks now and I really like it! I used to have some vaseline or lip balm in my bag at all times but now I carry around a lipstick or two. I popped this into my bag and have been using it loads. Espesially with how windy it's been recently you don't want your hair getting stuck to your lipstick/gloss. This is a really nice balm, its dry but moisturising and isn't sticky.

I brought this to work and let the girls have a go! And the responses were 'ooh, ahh,' they defiantly liked it! 

This now lives in my handbag and is defiantly an everyday essential. I love the pot it's a nice metal but its not like a Vaseline tin. The packaging makes it feel expensive. The product is really nice, and the rose isn't overpowering. I'm really not a fan of rosé products but I do love this !! 

My only issue is the price £10 is so much money for a glorified Vaseline I wouldn't repurchase but I would defiantly recommend this and I know people who would happily fork over £10 for this :) 

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