With a baby on the way we are going to be making some changes to our home to make way for the baby and all their things. We live in a two bedroom apartment (top floor, no lift -not ideal during pregnancy haha) We have a living room, kitchen , main bathroom and en-suite. The second bedroom is of a decent size but we have built in ikea wardrobes which will be fine for now, and we will fit a cot in there but we won't fit a bed in there so will need to move house by the time baby is in a proper bed. 

Over the next couple of months we plan to get rid of any old bits and pieces that we don't need so we can optimise the space we have. We are going to do a carboot sale and i'll be selling bits online, we can make a little bit of money and make room for all the baby bits. We have already started planning how we will turn the spare room into a baby room, we will keep the wardrobes as this is where all of our clothes are and we don't really have room for wardrobes, we have bought extra rails and shelving to go in the wardrobe and will be organising it so there will be plenty of room for all the babies clothes and bits. 

In our bedroom we will have a little move around, so we can fit a co-sleeper next to our bed. We will have the baby in our room for the first 6 months. We currently have our bed in the middle of the room so we may have to move this more over towards the window so theres plenty of room.

We have planned to decorate the whole flat over the next few months, baby isn't due till November but if we paint during the summer we can have the windows and balcony doors open to ventilate. Our flat is big and it would take a good few days to get it all painted so we've been looking at getting it done professionally. I'd rather somebody who knows what they are doing come in and do the job. We have been looking for a Birmingham interior painter on Bidvine which is a website where you can search and hire trusted local service professionals. You just search your area and type in whatever service you need and it gives you a list of all the professionals in your area. You can read their reviews from others, see work they have done and how many times they've been hired via the Bidvine site.

We want to give the whole apartment a fresh lick of paint and tidy up. We will give it a good clean before the baby arrives so it's all ready and fresh. There's no really big jobs that need doing, I think once it's been painted it will look brand new and will make a huge difference. The only other job i've been thinking about getting done would be to get our carpets cleaned so I might have a look on Bidvine for someone to come along and do that too!

I know that the next few months are going to fly by as we have alot of organising and planning to do before the baby arrives in November which is why i'm getting started now and plan to have the flat ready throughout the summer incase baby makes an early appearance.  

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