With summer just around the corner you may be thinking of jumping in the car and getting away for the weekend? Or maybe you've booked to stay in a cottage for a week in Wales or going camping with the kids! What ever your plans are if you are going on any long journey you should make sure your car is safe and that you have taken extra precautions before getting on the road. 

-Checking your tyres, if your tyres are not safe they can cause some very serious accidents or issues. Blow outs or a puncture on the motorway can be so dangerous so just checking your tyres before you leave is so important. 

-Lights? This can be a real hazard whether your driving during the day or night. If your lights are not working you can cause an accident as the driver behind won't know what you are doing. Light bulbs are very inexpensive so replace any broken ones before you go. In the dark a lack of lights can be so so dangerous, especially on little country roads that have no street lights.

-Checking you have enough water in your car. Even if the weather is lovely and you wont be using your windscreen wipers the water in your car the water also keeps the car cool and your engine temperature maintained. Your car could overheat or you could break your engine if you don't have enough water in your car.  

-Engine Oil, again this can cause all kinds of problems including your engine could completely seize up and stop working which would leave you pretty much stranded. So make sure this is topped up before you go on your journey. You check the oil using the dipstick. 

-Have your car serviced? Have you got an MOT coming up? You can check your MOT expiry date here on the MOT checker. If your due to get your car serviced or MOT get this done before you head away for the weekend. There could be a serious problem with your car that you know nothing about. Having your car checked out before you go away could prevent you braking down so it's worth doing. If you live in Fife you can book your car for an MOT in Kirkcaldy at Fife Autocentre  Getting your car checked out before you get on the road could prevent your car braking down or being involved in an accident, if your car did break down you could end up paying out for recovery trucks and spending alot of money getting your car fixed away from home. 

- Plan your journey, do you have enough petrol? Do you know where your going? The nearest service station? Do you have tools in the boot should you need them. Have you got water and food should you break down. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

Once you have had your car MOT and it's all ready for the journey get the car filled up with petrol, food (lots of sweets and chocolate for the journey) and on your way, have a great time!!!

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