So today I thought i'd share my First Trimester update with you, I recently announced my pregnancy and I found these kinds of posts and videos really helpful so I hope this will help somebody else. It's also nice to have it on my blog to look back at myself if I ever have another baby so I can compare my symptoms etc. If you didn't know I was pregnant you can check out my announcement here 
where I go into how we found out we was pregnant etc.

Before I even had a positive test result I felt weird and knew something was different, i'd had a few twinges that were kind of like period pain but felt different, this is why i'd wanted to do another pregnancy test and it came back positive.

I've had lots of symptoms of pregnancy over the last few months and I wanted to go through them with you incase your pregnant and experiencing some of these symptoms or if you just like these kinds of posts. I will also go over other things that are pregnancy related from the first trimester in this post.


Literally in the first couple of weeks of me finding out I started to have stomach pains, they were only during the night really but they hurt and were very uncomfortable. I'd spoke to my midwife who said it was pretty normal and googled it to find alot of different reasons why I was having this pain from ectopic pregancy to implantation pain. I had also been taking my Folic Acid with my dinner so switched this up and now take in the morning which I think helped. The stomach pains went away about 2 weeks into my pregnancy and haven't had this since.

Needed to pee more! This was also one of the first things I noticed, i'd actually noticed this before I found out I was pregnant. I'd gone the cinema with my friend and must have gone 3 times! I was going a lot more throughout the day and night. I would get up about 3-4 times in the night.

Sore Boobs - another symptom I had before I found out I was pregnant, I thought it might have been due to my period but I hadn't really noticed this before. My boobs were pretty sore all the way through the first trimester.

Poor Sleep - Due to needing to use the toilet more and my stomach pains I slept SO BAD during the first 4 weeks or so, I was really uncomfortable and just struggled to get to sleep and stay asleep. I have been sleep much better now and only get up 1-2 times for the toilet and feel more comfortable. I sometimes get shoulder ache from lying on my side or my tummy hurts from needing a wee and I have to move around to get comfy again. I have also started waking up so much earlier since finding out I was pregnant, I used to sleep till 9-10 on my days off and now I get up around 7ish.

Tiredness- The tiredness is real! This has been one of the hardest symptoms for me, at first I thought it was just due to the lack of sleep but even when I was sleeping better I would be knackered. I find that resting/ having a nap helps. I'm not really a nap person but i've had a few naps through the first trimester. I tend to come home from work and get into comfy clothes and just chill, Clints been amazing cooking and cleaning.

Sickness - I did suffer with morning sickness but it was no where near as bad as I expected. Everyones different so some people have awful sickness but for me i was sick about 6 times throughout the first trimester and felt sick alot of the time but it was like a car sick feeling. It was managable, I found i'd feel sick in the morning before I had breakfast and would be sick after i'd eaten and then feel fine for the rest of the day.

Headaches - I've had a few really bad headaches, mostly in the last few weeks so not sure if this would count as a first and second trimester symptom. I've had a banging head and it's been horrible. I didn't want to take any medication thoughout my pregnancy especially not in the first 12 weeks so bought myself one of those 4Head things that you rub on your head and it did help slightly. I had stayed in bed a couple of days because the headaches were so bad.

Constipation- This has been one of the worst symptoms! I've struggled going the toilet throughout the first trimester. I haven't been eating great so I know i'm not getting enough fibre in my diet. It hasn't been as bad over the last few weeks though.

I've had a few aches and pains and niggles in my tummy but I think they are all the symptoms i've had so far. I think i've had a hard first trimester. It's been tough and I don't want to sugarcoat it because it's been hard and I have no idea how people can go months without realising they are pregnant because I don't know how but this tiny little bean inside me has turned my life upside down over the last couple of months, its been hard!!

I'm looking forward to the second trimester and hopefully feeling abit more human, the last two weeks haven't been as bad, i've started to feel a little bit normal which is good.

We've had two ultrasound scans you can see them above. After seeing out midwife very early on in the pregnancy she had worked out we were about 7 weeks so we had our scan date come through very quickly and went for our 12 week scan. At our 12 week scan we were told we wasn't as far along as we'd thought as the baby was measuring at 9 weeks and 5 days so we were told we would need to come back in a few weeks to measure the baby again and the baby was too small for the NT Testing so would need to go back for that. We went along on friday 5th may and at this point we should have been 13 weeks and 6 days and we were still measuring the same and the baby looks so much bigger, we have had the NT testing done so should recieve the results back in the next couple of weeks but everythings looking good.

This has been a very long post so i'm going to stop here. Hope you like this update and want to hear more about my pregnancy so far. I'd love to hear about your pregnancy experiences so send me links to your posts below.

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