My beauty wishlist is forever growing, I like to research products and read reviews so that I don't end up buying loads of things that are not worth the hype or money.

I am a beauty blogger so obviously the first place I look for reviews is on other blogs, I have some of my favourites like LLYMLRS and gh0stparties but sometimes I just google or search on twitter for a review on a certain product and go from there. I find bloggers give you good ideas when it comes to using a product or they might have some hints and tips about a particular products. They also may have a discount code or ways you can get the product for cheaper.

I also love watching youtube videos, I love watching tutorials and hauls. I find if I see someone feature a product and they create a really good look or they rave about a product that I will go and find out more about the product like the price and read some reviews about it.

Sometimes I spot products in magazines, i'm definitely a sucker for packaging so I can spot something in a magazine or on a website and become suddenly addicted. The Grazia website has a beauty page which is great, there's lots of product features and articles. I always spot beauty products in magazines and research them further online via blogs and reviews to see what others think about them.

Another place I tend to look if i'm researching products is the stores themselves, whether it be in real life or online. Most websites now have a review option where real people can actually review a product they have used or bought. These are usually real people that have paid money for that product so these reviews are great! Sometimes I might pop to a beauty counter or into Space Nk and ask questions about a particular product to see if people are raving about a product or if the sales assistant has any information about the product again I find this is a great way to get some hints and tips of how to use products.

How do you research beauty products before you buy them? Is there any must have beauty products you think I need to add to my collection?

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Unknown said...

If I am looking at a product I always search for blogger reviews first as I find they are the most honest. X
Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave