Hello everyone i'm back from Ibiza, i'm hoping to jump right back into blogging. I had some trouble with my Go Pro and have managed to loose all of my videos from Ibiza so i'm trying to retrieve my videos and I will hopefully be uploading an Ibiza Vlog.

Ibiza was amazing but now i'm back and I need to get back into my old routine and get myself back to the gym after a week of drinking and eating Tapas.

I find keeping track of my workouts really motivates me, I use the Polar heart rate monitor and the
My Fitness Pal app. I also occasionally use my pedometrer, to keep a track of my steps whilst i'm at work.

The Polar heart rate monitor is really simple and easy to use. It tells you when you are in the optimum zone whilst you are working out. It records how long you are working out for and how many calories you've burnt. It syncs with most gym equipment aswell making it really reliable.

I then use the My Fitness Pal app to record the information and also add my food and drink though the day. This gives you a little idea of what foods you will have burnt off through the day. I think recording what you eat makes you a little more wary of what your eating and stops you snacking!

A pedometer is a really handy thing to have you can get a pedometer app for your phone. This lets you track how many steps you take and how many calories you loose throughout the day. My job is quite active so I do alot of steps, so its good to keep tabs on this.

The fitbit is a device that actually does everything for you, it records your steps and your workouts, you can even use the fitbit app to log you food intake. There's also challanges to give you that motivation and push if you need it.

There's more information and stats about whether an exercise tracker will actually motivate you here on the Legal and General site 

*This post is sponsored by Legal and General

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