Custom Polarised Sunglasses - £58* - Sili Sunglasses 

I know what your thinking, it's cold outside why is Amy talking about sunglasses, I'm in ibiza this week so these are perfect for my trip! I'm forever breaking my sunglasses but Sili Sunglasses have the answer. They have invented sunglasses that are more durable, they are made from an extremely flexible polymer so they bend back into their original shape. You can also customize your own sunglasses so you get to choose what colour you'd like and what colour lenses you want. They also sell additional arms so you can mix and match your arms so you can have different coloured arms. 

Why choose Sili Sunglasses ?

 "- Engineered from a high-tech extremely durable polymer. Flexible and incredibly lightweight.

- Interchangeable arms and lenses. Customise whenever you like.
- High Quality Polarised Lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection for optimal vision clarity and protection.
- Scratch and impact resistant lenses.
- Includes Sili microfibre case.
- Lifetime guarantee on materials." 

I really like my Sili Sunglasses, I love the idea of them being unbreakable which is perfect for ibiza, we are going to a few pool parties and will be drinking alot so I can imagine breaking my normal sunglasses so these will be perfect and a must have for those days.

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