DIY; Make your own studded collar

 What you need: Scissors, A unwanted shirt with a collar and studs.

 1. Cut off the collar from your shirt. If using a chiffon shirt like mine be careful not to make the material fray by cutting under the stitching.
 2. You now have your collar.

 3. Pierce your studs through the material, use a coin to press down the backs on the studs, this way your fingers dont hurt!
 4. Ta Dahh your collar is complete, add as many studs as you like!

 5. Add it to simple dresses jumpers to make them stand out more. I think collar accessories will defiantly be in autumn/winter :)

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LoveFayexoxo said...

LOVE THIS!! so simple but makes such a cute and fashionable element to any outfit! Love this post!!