Got my nails redone; bella; oreo brownie; bella; make up; donuts; new top; peach melba, scarf.

001. It's my birthday on tuesday - I'm really excited. I'm getting a kindle and enrapture totum stylers off my parents and marc jacobs dot off my boyfriend! I seriously cannot wait. 

002. Hoping to do some posts this week on the blog. Should be getting sent some products to try out so look out for some reviews. 

003. I really wanna buy things but kinda have to wait for my student loan money which sucks but i'm gonna go on a spree when I get it! 


Ellie said...

I love my Kindle, it's honestly one of the best things I've ever bought! :)
I hope you have a lovely Birthday, and a great week :) xxx

Unknown said...

Happy birthday in advance to you! I found your blog via FBL, love your header btw, my fav colors!! xx