Sunday Update

001. Day of shopping today with momma, and visited my nan :) Have had a nice day, just been tidying my room and putting my holiday clothes away. It's really bad that my wardrobes full to the brim and I still have some clothes at dans.

002. I'm not back at university till October 1st so i'm hoping to just chill out until then

003. Brought bared to you, its meant to be like  50 shades of grey ill let you know what I think. I read 50 shades on my holiday, realised I was abit late to the bandwagon but seriousluy everyone was reading it! I finished it in the first week so read Drive which is an amazing film with Ryan Gosling in, I enjoy the film more than the book. I enjoyed 50 shades, might do a book review on it what you guys think ?


Beauty Follower said...

Lovely dress!

Rachel Mae said...

lovely outfit :) the dress really suits you :) x