Happy Birthday to me!

enrapture totum styler, kindle, marc jacobs DOT

So I turned 20 today! I feel so old! (sorry people older than 20) I've had a lovely chilled out day. Momma paid for me and daniel to go out to lunch because she was working. I had a lovely chicken burger. We watched loads of two and a half men and then all my family came round. We actually have 3 birthdays in the space of a week, so it feels like I've seen my family loads recently which is nice :) I got the enrapture totum styler that I madeee my mom buy me after seeing like every blogger rave about it. I recently decided I wanted a kindle - I really want an ipad and I know i could just read books on that but I think id spend more time on twitter and facebook than actually reading books so decided that a kindle would be a good way for me to increase my reading- its also really handy for my train journeys to uni. and marc jacobs DOT! I really wanted to buy this in duty free but spend like £35 at the mac stall so decided against it- so was really happy when daniel said he would buy it for my birthday. I got a £30 topshop voucher off my little sister and money off my family. I had a lovely day, just had some birthday cake too :) 

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appletoothpaste said...

happy birthday! hope you had a great day! x