Sunday Update

jumper; internacionale skirt h&m

001. This week I spent time with daniel, he's had some interviews yay him! Been working this weekend just a pretty boring chilled out week really because i'm back to university this week. 

002. I won £50 of Topshop vouchers yesterday which was pretty awesome, since all I did was fill out a survey! Theres loads of things I wanna buy but my local Topshop in the bullring has 20% off on thursday because theres a student event on so i'm hoping to go to that and get some discount :)

003. I'm staying at Dans this week :) because his family is going on holiday so were housesitting i'm gonna bring my laptop so hopefully blogging will persist but I'm gonna schedule some posts too, just incase i'm too busy with university work and stuff. 

004. Watched the savages on wednesday, it's such a good film. Its no longer on at my cinema but i'd recommend watching it !

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Unknown said...

Love the photos, your cat is really cute :) I am bummed I'm missing the student event in Brum but will be making up for it as there is one on at Merry Hill on the Friday :)