My Black Haul

I've been meaning to post this all week and kept forgetting to photograph things and have actually just ended up using this instagram picture.
I was so excited to go to primark, its one of those things I crave when i'm on holiday, I really wanted to pick up that white/cream blouse with the bow that I actually hated when I saw it in store and the black loafers but they didn't have them. So instead I got this cute bag with the studs it was £9 and it's really nice and big, will fit A4 folders in for those of you at school or college, Its perfect. I got some black skinny jeans from Primark £11, I like primark jeans because they actually fit me nice- I have to get short leg though because i'm a shorty. And the black peplum £4 from primark ! I saw that primark were doing peplums and for this reason I didn't buy one - how could i spend like £16 in topshop when they are in primark, so I saw the peplums and they had white or burghundy, and i'm like oh!! I wanted black and then a man who worked there came over and i saw it THE BLACK PEPLUM in his hand it was the only one and MY SIZE so i got it ;)
I also picked up some shiny disco pant style leggings from forever 21 for £10.50 BARGAIN! They are such good quality as well :)
I also got the YSL false lash mascara - in black ;) I needed a new mascara! kinda scary that what I spent in primark I spent on a mascara but YSL mascaras are the best

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