Meet Bella. She's the newest member of my family. She's SO CUTE! we've had her about two weeks now, she's so friendly and playful. I have another cat Ollie and they didn't really see eye to eye at first but they play fight now and Ollie's not so spooked out by her now. I also have a doggy Ben, and Bella dislikes Ben and don't we know it! She hisses at him as soon as she hears his footsteps but they tolerate each other.


Marta said...

Ohh she is so cute. I loooove cats!
P.S. I tagged you in my new post so check it out :)x

M said...

She is one of the most adorable kittens EVER! I remember it being quite difficult introducing my kitten (now cat) Henry to my other two, but it just takes a little time for them to get used to eachother :D

Mollie xo