The Black Pearl

Bracelet £5.00

I recently won Sandra from The Black Pearl's twitter giveaway and I chose this really cute bracelet from her Etsy shop as my prize. I really like skull's right now and I just love turquoise bracelets. Visit Sandra's Etsy shop, she has loads of different styles and colours. Theres pinks, turquoise, spikes, flowers, crosses! So many to choose from! And the quality is lovely! I really love the little diamond style beads either side of the skull because I think it just makes it look that little bit more expensive. Also you can't see it that well in my photo but theres a cute little flowery bead which she's used to hide where the bracelet ties together which is lovely. 

I was so chuffed with my prize and seriously couldn't wait to tell you guys about her Etsy store. 
Her blog is super cute too and remember to follow her on twitter. 


The Black Pearl Blog said...

Thank you for taking the time to blog about it :) I am glad you like the bracelet xo

Unknown said...

Congrats hun on winning the giveaway :) The bracelet is gorgeous :)