I really loved these boots and these were the first thing I looked at on the house of fraser website so I kind of worked my outfit around the boots. I love how they are just simple black boots but with a cute gold zip, I've incorperated elements of gold into the outfit with the bag and watch. I tryed to create a grungy cute girly rock look, which with spikes and studs being in at the moment I think this is going to be a popular look when autumn/ winter arrives. The leggings are similar to the disco pants from american apparel but these don't have the £70 price tag and are a bargain at £30 I love leggings, They are great when you wanna look nice but be comfy. I really love the rose pink of the top and think that the peplum bottom will sit really nice against the shiny leggings again creating that girly rocky look. 
I think this Vivienne Westwood bag just tops off the whole outfit - pulling it all together and makes it complete. 


Victoria said...

that top is gorgeous! also really want some disco pants but eek dont wanna shed out £70!

appletoothpaste said...

love your entry! wish i could afford the bag and day!

Beauty Follower said...

Great bag!