I've been on twitter this morning listening to everyones results and got me thinking about when I got my results last year. It was the most stressful day ever so I thought i'd share my story and hopefully make some of you that got your required results feel a bit better/grateful. I got to sixth form and as soon as I saw my head of year I knew it was bad news. I couldn't get on to UCAS so I actually had no idea. I opened my results to find I was 10 points short of my 2nd choice so that was it! No university for Amy. But my head of year was like hmmm i'm sure you got a place at coventry but by this time the UCAS website was at a complete stand still! So next we phoned Coventry University to find out what was going on and whether I got in but the person on the other end of didn't know either !!! So by this time I was really worried, If i didn't have a place, would there be any clearing courses left ? My head of year then phoned Coventry to say it wasn't fair for me to be sat on results day not knowing if I had my place and thats when they confirmed I had a place. I was so happy! It was such an emotional day. The hardest part was I was actually going to V Festival that weekend and was actually getting the train to Chelmsford THAT DAY so I couldn't leave for Vfestival until I knew I had my university place. And now 1 year on, I've just passes my first year at Coventry, I love my course and I've made so many friends and the tutors are great, Going to Coventry, not getting points for Birmingham was probably the best outcome for me.


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Great Post !




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Aww hun, I really enjoyed reading this post and was great to hear that you got your place at Cov :) I'm at BCU and it's scary to think that I will be going into my last year and that I was in the position two years ago of not knowing if I had got my place or not.