Army Style jacket

Army style jacket : Ebay

If you know me at all you will know i'm one for a bargain! I really love these army style jackets, who doesnt? So that means they have a rather heafty price tag! I looked in my local vintage shops and all the charity shops, I looked online and even got into some bidding wars! Thats when I found this one! with a buy it now price of £9.99 who would resist, I was abit cautious about the sizing but I think it looks lovely on. 

How can urban outfitters charge £48 for a near exact jacket? 

What do you think ?? 


El said...

It looks amazing on!! Is it gathered at the waist? I may have to buy :) x

amypyt said...

El it's got a string inside so you can gather the waist :)

El said...

Love it!! Buying :) Thank youuuu x

Unknown said...

You look lovely hun, and I adore that jacket!!