Today blog post is going to be about my weightloss journey and I thought i'd give you guys an update on how much weight i've lost and what fitness i've been doing. 

My last update was in May, you can check that out here MAY UPDATE  - I had lost 1 stone 6LB

So as you know I recently got back off my holiday I weighed in and I only put on 0.5lb which I was very chuffed with considering i'd been away for 10 days and been off plan for about two weeks. 
Now i'm back and at group this week I lost 1lb !! So all together i've lost 2 stone 4.5 lb since I joined Slimming World back in March 

 I haven't been 100% on track since getting back from Turkey, i've been struggling with food as the weathers been really hot and humid here in the UK. I've had a few really good days and a few really bad days but I still lost which is good. 

I want to try and get 100% back on track this week, I know it will be hard with it being warm and the kids holidays so we will be doing more things with friends but the main thing is to have fun and make good decisions. 

I've pretty much just been doing Slimming World recently and haven't done much working out because I haven't had time and it's not so fun going for a jog when the sun is blazing and its sooo hot. I have however been walking to work alot and since I got Pokemon Go Clint and I have been going for a few evening strolls as usual i've been using my pedometer to make sure I get over 10,000 steps everyday.

To get to my target weight i've only got 6.5lb to go so now I want to shift it i'm going to be on plan and start excersising again. When I first started loosing weight I was drinking lots of Green Tea but i've since found myself drinking normal tea again so I was thinking I might pick up a Teatox to help shift those last few pounds as the Teatox helps to boost metabolism and cleanses your digestive system. 

I'll be sure to keep you up to date with my weightloss and if you want to follow me on instagram I have a Slimming World account which I share my meals on. 

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