This week in the UK the sun is out so get outside and start making some memories. Why not head down to the beach for the weekend or go camping? Get your friends and family together and have a BBQ! There's so many things to do across the UK when the weather is good! I love heading to Weston for the day and spending the day on the beach and walk along the pier with an ice cream. 

I just got back from Turkey so i'm loving the warm weather we are having! We had such a great time and did so much. As well as relaxing and chilling at the beach and by the pool we did a few exciting things. We hired quad bikes and did some off road which was good, it was the first time i've been on a quad. We also did horse riding which was another great experience as I haven't rode a horse since I was a kid and even then someone was holding the horse. We got to see some amazing views of Turkey from the top of the hills. We also did a boat trip and a jeep safari so we got to check out lots of amazing parts of Turkey. Check out my amazing holiday snaps using my New Fujifilm Instax mini 8 camera, I've wanted one for so so long! I love it, it's abit tricky to use but i've got the hand of it now, i'll need to buy some more film for my next holiday. 

Sometimes you just need to get away and go on holiday and I know it's not always possible because of work commitments or money. But I always feel so much better in myself mentally and physically after a holiday and it's mad how much impact it makes. Sometimes you can feel like everything's getting on top of you and you just need to take some time out and when I go back to work or get back to reality after a holiday I always feel more positive about things and things that were getting on top of me don't feel that bad anymore and it really does take the pressure off abit. 

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I'm so excited for my next holiday i've been looking at a week away in September as I have a week off work so send over some places you love to visit and somewhere where the weather is good in September. 

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I have not been paid for this blog post, however I was gifted the Fujifilm camera.

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