Hey! so you may or may not know that I recently joined Slimming World, I am the heaviest i've ever been and want to loose some weight and i've heard so many good things about Slimming World, I did a blog post last week about my progress so far and I have another weigh in tomorrow so I will let you know how I get on. I have actually lost another 4LB so in two weeks i've lost half a stone which I think is amazing! As well as healthy eating i've been trying to be more active, I haven't joined a gym but i've been going for jogs and walks and doing fitness dvds or playing the UFC game on the Xbox. 
I've also been wearing a pedometer, this lets me know how many steps I do a day and my target is to do more that 10,000 steps which I seem to smash most days! 

I have a small collection of active wear which is what I wear when i'm working out or going for a jog so I thought i'd share a few bits with you. I have about 3 pairs of gym bottoms, I tend to go for leggings and I prefer the cropped leggings as I find these the comfiest when i'm running. I have a Puma pair that i've had for years and two pairs of Primark ones which are lovely, they have a little pattern down the side and a zip for you keys or phone. 

I love my Nike Pro vest, it's so comfy and I love that its bright pink, I have a few vests, the others are black and grey from Primark but my Nike one is my favourite. 

Clint bought me this gorgeous Elle Sport jacket from TKMaxx a few weeks ago, I love it! Its got pockets with zips and is lovely and light but keeps you warm enough when it's cold outside. I love the colour and I've had so many compliments on it. 

I have quite big boobs so I do have to wear a decent sports bra when i'm working out. I love the Panache sports bras,* this is my second one and they work so well for me. I tend to wear Panache bra's aswell, my favourite is Envy which is so pretty! The Panache Sports bra is wired which I love because it makes me feel more supported and it's padded which is great for when it's cold outside and it gives such a great shape. I love the racerback clip on the back with makes me feel so so supported. I love my grey one, it's nice to have a sports bra that isn't black, my old one was bright pink and I loved it! I got so many compliments about it at the gym. They do have a new pink one on their website and I love this Black Animal print one! 

My Polar heart rate watch is one of the best things I ever bought. It lets you know if your in the best zone for loosing weight and it lets you know how many calories you've burnt and how long you've been exercising for and it tells you the time and date. You can see my blog post all about fitness trackers and if they work here. I love it because I can track how long i've been working out for and how many calories i've burnt so I usually give myself a target to reach. 

I've also been using the MapMyRun app which is available in the app store to download. You can use this to map your run, so it creates a map of the area you have ran and then it tells you how long you ran for, the pace you were running at and how far you've ran, you can set it to km or miles which I think is fab. It makes working out how far you run much easier so it would be great if you are training for a marathon or charity walk because you can set it to the distance you need to walk/ run.

I'm not a fitness expert by any means but I just thought i'd share a few bits that I use when i'm working out or jogging. I've signed up to do Race for Life in June to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research, please donate anything you can heres the link to my Just Giving page. 

*this blog post contains pr samples, my opinions are my own and views are all honest. I have not been paid for this blog post


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