Hello, so incase you didn't know I recently joined Slimming World. I joined on the 10th March so just over a month ago now. I thought i'd share my journey and my progress incase you wanted to give it ago or just find out a little bit more.

I started by following Slimming World accounts via instagram, this gives you ideas about what you can eat and different meal ideas etc. People share snacks and how many syns they are so you can get lots of ideas just by following accounts via instagram, mine is @amypyt_sw

My Slimming World group is so lovely, and my Consultant Gem is great! She's so lovely and she texts me to congratulate me on my weigh in or to just find out how my week has been. We have a facebook group where we all share our meals or just general slimming world things and she's great at commenting and keeping up to date with us all.

I've found it quite easy to be honest there's only been a couple of times that I've had alot of syns and only a couple of times i've really wanted something really bad like a Mcdonalds or Chocolate but i've food optimised and instead I made 5% fat cheeseburgers without the buns or I got some little Malteaser bunnys which are only 8 Syns.

I've found it useful to plan my meals, I have a little planner which is on the kitchen wall which I write down the meals for the week and then I use this to create a shopping list for the week. This way we know what were having and there's no faffing. Sometimes i'd get stressed out trying to pick what to have for dinner and then would decide to get take away instead but this no longer happens

I have been exercising aswell, i've been doing my workout dvds and going for jog / runs. I've been progressing really well with my jogging and i'm actually able to jog for a little while. I know this will improve over time. I've found my pace has been improving and i'm not getting tired as fast. I use my Polar heart rate watch when i'm working out to record how long i've done and how many calories i've burnt. When I do go for runs I use the Map my run app which uses gps to create a map of your journey.

So the weightloss, on my first weigh in I had lost 4LB and then the same again on my 2nd meaning I lost 8LB in two weeks so I got my Half a stone award which was amazing, the next week I lost 3.5LB and then last week I lost another 3LB and got to my 1 stone award which I was so so proud to get.
I have weigh in tonight and will keep you updated with my journey. I hope you like my new fitness and healthy lifestyle blog posts and I hope you want to stay up to date with my journey.

Only 2 more stone to go until I reach my target. 

You can follow my slimming world instagram here AMYPYT_SW 

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