Heyy, so I thought i'd do a little Slimming World update for you guys! This week will be my 10th week. I've been sticking to plan pretty much all the way through, i've had a few off plan meals and a few little treats here and there. Last weekend I fell off the wagon a little and even though my meals were on plan I was snacking and had a few naughty treats. I went to a party on Saturday and had a little too much to drink. I had a really bad hangover on Sunday and had work, I had Rice Crispies for dinner and a sandwhich for lunch which was off plan. I was right back on plan on Monday and have had a really good week, it's wednesday today when i'm writing this but i'm going schedule this post for Friday. I've just got home from my staff meeting and one of the girls brought in Krispy Kremes and I had one, nooo. It was so good!

I've lost 1 Stone 6lb so far! I have won Slimmer of the week 3 times and i've got my Club 10 award. I'm hoping I can get my 1.5 stone award this week!

I will keep you updated with my journey, if you want to check out my Slimming World Instagram my username is @amypyt_sw

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