I have mentioned recently that Clint and myself are looking at moving out and need to save, we have mentioned starting our christmas shopping a little earlier than usual so we can spread out the cost over the next few months. It's also my dads birthday coming up so I thought i'd put together a little gift guide for him just to get some ideas rolling. My dad is a gadgety person he'd much rather get a toy than something he actually needs, he'd love something like this RC Helicopter from Menkind or this speaker for your phone. I like to buy my dad and clint some essentials, this Pearly King Burrow Knit jumper from Reem Clothing is gorgeous, it would be perfect for the colder months but would be great for christmas parties or boxing day dinner at nans! I think these Vito Cotton trousers from Reem Clothing would go really nice with the jumper. I think you can't go wrong with some aftershave and slippers for any man in your life, the New Sauvage aftershave by Dior smells amazing!

What do you get the men in your life for christmas or birthdays?

*sponsored by Reem Clothing

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