I picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation at the Selfridges Beauty event in Birmingham about two weeks ago! I've been using it pretty much everyday since so I thought i'd share my thoughts. I have also spotted it on loads of beauty bloggers videos and instagrams so thought i'd try and get in there a post a little review. 

I love love love the packaging. Charlotte Tilbury packaging is gorgeous! This bottle of foundation is seriously so photogenic. 

I have really oily/combination skin right now and i'm finding I'm getting so so oily through the day. I am using the Laura Mercier Primer to try and combat my oilyness but it's not really working. I think with the sudden change in the weather my skins just all over the place. 

The consistency of this foundation is lovely it's so easy to apply and it sinks into the skin really well, it does feel a little tacky like its wet but its fine after a little while and I usually set this with powder aswell. It's really workable and you can easily build up layers. I'm finding I have to put abit extra on my chin and on some of my blemishes as they don't cover with just one layer but this means you can add to your problem areas without having to cake on loads of product all over. 

The colour I have is perfect, I have shade 4.5, I would really reccommend getting matched up with this foundation or at least trying some sample shades first as there is so many shades to choose from that you would be able to get a really decent match. 

I don't think this is really that long lasting. I don't know whether this is just my skin right now. I might give it a break for a week or so and come back to it but my skin is just so oily right now that it does seem to be sliding off and it's sinking into some of my pores by the end of the day. As I said my skin is being really mean right now with stress but when I initially put the foundation on it's flawless, it's just through the day it seems to slide off. It might be more suitable for someone with normal skin rather than my horrible oily skin. 

I do really like this foundation I really hope its just my skin right now which is making it slide off so I will give this another go in a week or so and let my skin settle. I know people that have raved about this foundation so I think it does depend on your skin type. 

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