OFFICE - One of the most exciting things about moving out is going to be having my own office space. I will either have a desk area in my living room but hopefully we will have a spare room that I can us as my office / overflow wardrobe space. 

I really want the house or flat to be clean and white washed. I want lots of art / prints around the place and lots of mint and grey theme running thoughout. 

LIVING ROOM - Again the living room is going to follow the white, grey and black trend which will hopefully run throughout. I do want to have some pops of colour in the living room but I think I will use cushions, accessories and prints to incorporate some colour. I really want a grey sofa. 

BATHROOM - You can't really do much to your bathroom when your renting but I want to add some nice touches to make it feel more luxurious. Were going to need some decent storage for the bathroom so send over any ideas. 

BEDROOM- For me the bedroom needs to be clean and cosy. I want a nice warm bedroom where I can go to relax. I want a nice white bed frame. I want lots of monochrome and cushions and blankets everywhere. I will have my dressing table and a big mirror - two things every beauty and fashion blogger needs in their bedroom. 

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