I went along to Debenhams in Bullring Birmingham last week, HIGH DEFINITION Brows have revealed their new collaboration with Benito Brows. I didn't realise how personal getting your eyebrows done could be. I've been getting my eyebrows done for as long as I can remember, I used to get them threaded but recently started getting them waxed and tinted. 

At the event I took a seat, along with a glass of Prosecco and the lovely High Definition Brow Stylist started by tinting my brows, the tint only takes a few minutes and gives the stylist so many more brow hairs to play with. She discussed my brow and what she was going to do. She mentioned leaving some hairs and growing my one side out slightly so they appear more even. She then waxed the brow to get the right shape. Waxing gives a nice straight finish and I think the arch looks better when you have your brows waxed. She then worked into the brow with threading, this blended the brow and made it look more natural. She then tidied up the brow using tweezers and filled the brow using the HD Brow Browtec pencil  . This created a defined shape and the stylist was able to fill in areas that I need to grow out.

I was actually so impressed with the outcome, I didn't know that getting your brows done could be such a personal treatment.  Whenever i've had my eyebrows done before i've never been overly impressed. My one brow is so different to the other one and never really arches and it's shorter than the other. However I left after my HD Brow treatment feeling really happy and I couldn't believe how amazing both of my eyebrows looked. I've found it much easier to apply my brow pencil and love my new brows! I'm going to grow my thinner side out like I was recommended and then I will be going back to HD Brows at Benito brows in Debenhams as I was so happy with the service and i'm scared someone else might ruin my new beautiful eyebrows.   

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