MONDAY - We've just got back from Ibiza, I thought i'd share a few things we did during our week in Ibiza. We got there on the monday morning. we had a little chill by the pool and then got ready for the Holi Garden Festival which is like a powder paint party. The music was amazing and it was so so much fun. The Dj was soo good and we met some lovely people and had such a good night!

TUESDAY - BOAT PARTYYY! we went on the Pukka Up boat party. It was so good, really chilled out. We sailed out into the middle of the sea and then the party started! The music was so good, ibiza is amazing! We met some really fab people and had such an amazing time, we headed back in land as the sun set, it was gorgeous. After the boat party, we had a cheeky burger king and then headed back to the hotel and got ready for Amnesia, Example and Pendulum were performing it was so good! The drinks were so expensive 31 euro for 2 drinks.

WEDNESDAY - OCEAN BEACH CLUB, it's a luxury vip style pool area. It's such a lovely day, we got a couple of sunbeds, and relaxed all day! The music is so good and was really chilled out. The pool is really nice and the drinks are good too! You could literally just chill on your lounger all day and they will bring over anything you need. I really enjoyed ocean beach, i'm so glad we went, as I had heard some mixed reviews.

THURSDAY - chilled by the pool and then went on a bar crawl, my favourite bar was Soulcity! They played some really good r'n'b music and it was a really good atmosphere. After the barcrawl we shared a KFC and went and sat on the beach front. Clint did a birthday shoutout in Soulcity and everyone sang happy birthday to me. 

We had a chill day, went for lunch on the beach front. On the night we went to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel to watch What Hannah Wants. It was so good, we got 2 for 1 tickets aswell because it was my birthday. After the show we headed to the Ibiza Rocks bar on the beach as this is quite close to our hotel. We had a few drinks and I had a really nice birthday with Clint. 

SATURDAY - We got a water taxi over to Cala Bassa which is a gorgeous beach. It's really secluded theres nothing around just a small restaurant and the sea! We spent the day sunbathing and chilling out. We went back to the hotel and decided to get ready early so we could have dinner watching the sunset. We went to Kanya which is a restaurant just further along than Cafe Mambo and the sunset strip as this can be really expensive. We had a lovely meal and then had some frozen yoghurt and had some drinks at Cafe Mambo. 

SUNDAY - OUR LAST DAY BOO! We went to San Antonio beach and chilled out by Ibiza Rocks Bar. We had an amazing breakfast with pancakes mmmm and I had the most gorgeous frozen strawberry daiquiri on the beach. We had an amazing last day chilling and trying to top up our tans, We went to Tapas which you may have guessed is a Tapas restaurant. It was amazing. it just up a dark road opposite burger king on the main road by the beach. Its seriously amazing! It was so busy and they were fully booked up for the night. We managed to get a table though, the food was so tasty, it was the perfect end to our perfect week away!

I had such a great week and birthday! I didn't wanna come home and i'd go to Ibiza again, there is so so much to do! We had a great mixture of party and chilling out which was so perfect.

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