I  had a good read through this infographic this morning and found it really interesting. It's crazy how shopping has changed and how quickly it has developed over the last decade or so. 

With most shops having their own websites and apps it's so easy to shop online from the comfort of your own home. You don't even have to get dressed or pay for parking, it's really that simple. This article by Retail Technology Review explains how they expect shopping will change over the next 10 years and how Brits want the future of shopping to be easier and quicker. 

'The team at  My Voucher Codes  polled 3,486 UK adults aged over 18 as part of their study, equally split between men and women. Those polled were initially asked how much time they spent shopping for clothes each month. The majority of female respondents (26%) stated that they spend about 3-6 hours shopping in stores, whilst the majority of male respondents 46% said they spent 1-2 hrs clothes shopping per month in store.

The participants were then asked to reveal how important technological changes in the way we shop were to them.  The majority, 43% agreed that they are ‘very important’.

“One thing for sure is that we know that mobile technology will have a huge impact, it already is doing. The way we use newer technologies will no doubt change the way we shop. It might seem scary at first but eventually, like all new technologies, it will soon become the norm quicker than we think. Many of the ideas and concepts are already available in some form or another and others will no doubt be available within the next decade if not the next five years.” - Mark Pearson - Founder of MyVoucherCodes '

I already think that technology plays a big role when I go shopping, First of all I use my phone to check my bank with my internet banking app and then I browse though my voucher apps such as My Voucher Codes and Unidays to see if theres any good offers. Usually there are some great vouchers from The Body Shop. You can even use the My Voucher Codes app to get some money off your lunch when you stop for a break after all that Autumn/ Winter shopping. 

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