Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch - £65 

Clint bought me this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch for Christmas! It's been on my wish list since it was released. I had two gold face watches but I tend to wear more silver jewellery so I really wanted a silver one. I have another wonderland style  and also this one with a floral face
I've recently fell in love with mint so this one is actually perfect,  I know Clint went to alot of trouble to get this watch as it's pretty much sold out, The strap is gorgeous, such a perfect fit. The face is such a classic style, its just perfect for everyday. I love the Olivia Burton watches they are so unique and special. I love every single Olivia Burton watch. They are really affordable aswell, they range around £55-£150 depending on the size and style. As I said this is my third Olivia Burton watch and i'm sure it won't be my last. I'm so happy with the quality, they are really sturdy and last really well. 
I would recommend Olivia Burton watches to everyone, I always get compliments on my watches from my friends and people at work. Olivia Burton is an up and coming brand, they are stocked in stores such as Topshop, Goldsmiths Boutique, Selfridges and John Lewis, i'm sure they are going to be huge!   


Beth Smith said...

This is such a beautiful watch and a lovely colour! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Beth x

Daamaze online said...

I love the JORD watch you are modeling! The wood design is so beautiful and unique!
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