How to be a savvy shopper - and save money by using wholesale clothing suppliers

Clothing is possibly one of the most expensive purchases we can make; taking a fair slice of the household income, keeping yourself well-clothed, as well as the rest of your family really can be an expensive and difficult task.
 At one time, hunting out the bargains on various auction websites revealed some hidden gems but, it seems that something so good was not bound to last and, with everyone realising there was money to be made, the bargains have all but disappeared.
Of course, add to this the fact that you are ‘in the market’ for a specific item, whether a winter coat or new black boots, the bargains on swimwear might not seem so appetising. But, wholesale clothing suppliers could have the answers…
Wholesalers are companies that deal in large quantities of stock, anything from general items such as stationery, to shoes, clothes and all manner of accessories. They will then portion of this stock into the type of quantities that other retailers would want to buy.

Where does wholesale clothing suppliers get their stock from?
There are all kinds of places and reasons why wholesale clothing suppliers come across great deals;

  • Import – wholesalers are companies that have the buying power to buy in bulk; rather than buying 20 pairs of jeans from a supplier abroad, they could buy 200 pairs and more! This gives them incredible buying power and can find amazing purchases. 
  • End of line – many wholesalers will also buy end of line or season stock from major high street retailers in the UK. Once an item has been in the store, and then on the sale rack it may be taking up valuable warehouse space. Rather than have clothes simply sitting around, retailers will cut their losses, selling these items at cut prices to wholesalers. Once again, the buying power of wholesalers means they can grab excellent stock at low prices. 
  • Liquidation stock – this is where a retailer has ceased trading and to claw back as much capital as possible, they sell off any remaining stock.

With all three of the above examples, it has to be emphasised that all the clothing stock involved is no different to the high quality items that many high street retailers sell. 

So, is this buying power open to you?

Yes, it can be and with all of us increasingly becoming savvier shoppers, always keen to get the best deal we can, there is a way you can tap into this wholesale market and many benefits too:

  • Find a wholesale supplier of the clothing styles and accessories you like – and take a note of their trading terms and conditions. Some suppliers will only to businesses but there are many online who will sell to individuals. BUT, the idea behind buying from a wholesale is that they ship in larger than normal quantities, hence you cannot order a single scarf and one pair of matching gloves. Quantities can be anything from 20 items upwards.
  • Club together with likeminded friends and relatives – one fantastic way of accessing these bargains is to form a ‘club’ with friends and family to take advantage of not only the price, but the quantities on offer too. All you need to do is add to price of the shipping/delivery to the item and you can instantly break even. This works well with all kinds of clothing items from coats to accessories. You will also find that some wholesalers do mixed bags of items and this too, can be a great way of tapping in to these bargains!
  • Find your entrepreneurial spirit! – there is nothing stopping you from buying items in bulk and then selling them on to family and friends, making a small profit for yourself. This is no different from running an agency type arrangement for various catalogues that were incredibly popular at back in the 1980s and early 1990s. These catalogues, of course, helped spread the cost with weekly payments but, with your whole sale clothing bargains people will love the price.
  • Sell online too! – family and friends are not your only customers, don’t forget there are hundreds, if not thousands of savvy shoppers just like you, on the lookout for a good deal on all kinds of fashion items for women, men and children too. You can tap into this great resource, grab yourself a bargain and then sell various amounts on the many online auction and selling websites that people use. 

Choice is not an issue…
Wholesale clothing comes in all sizes, colours and there are all kinds of items offered by sale by many high quality wholesalers. Your difficulty is deciding what to buy from such a vast range!

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This is an amazing post. Proves that guilty pleasures, like shopping sprees don't have to be so guilty! I'm definitely going to look into this more. :)

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