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Before going on to suggest how you can bring your home’s interior into the 21st century, it is important to understand exactly what a fashionista actually is. First off, true fashionistas do not follow trends; they study art and fashion trends and then adapt them to reflect their own personality. Secondly, they look for quality in everything, no matter whether it is a vintage leather settee or a new pair of jeans. Their line of thought is that, over the long term, it is more sensible to purchase a high quality, well-made product that will last perhaps two or three times as long as a cheaper item. What’s more, you have the satisfaction of living with a piece of furniture or clothing that makes a statement about you and your sense of taste.  In terms of interior design, 2015 looks like being the year of vintage modern.” This style combines mid-20th century furniture, fittings and accessories with 21st century minimalism. For example, you might have a black and white kitchen with razor sharp edges and state of the art gadgets and gizmos, but it will also feature 1950s pieces such as an original black Bakelite phone prominently displayed and a slightly worn-looking wooden table with a mismatched collection of steel and wooden chairs. Alternatively, you could have an entirely minimalistic kitchen leading through into a cottage-style living room.  Even though literally anything goes, the end result only works if you are prepared to spend some time rummaging through your local thrift and charity shops for quality pieces that you can upcycle and transform by painting or modifying to fulfil an entirely different purpose. Do not incorporate poor quality items into your scheme; if they were cheap and nasty when they were new, they will still look cheap and nasty when they are painted or stripped back.  Your living room should be comfortable and relaxing, an oasis of calm where you can unwind after a hard day’s work. If white is currently the predominant colour and the furnishings are similarly utilitarian, why not soften the effect by installing a vintage leather settee? Leather develops a patina with age, along with characterful abrasions and marks; they are also extremely comfortable and will last a lifetime. Install an upcycled set of 50s drawers and complete the transformation with elegant mirrors and, if your budget allows, a real hardwood floor.   One of the attractions of this style is that you can transform just a single room, which means you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. If you have a contemporary bedroom with a modern walk in wardrobe, for example, you can easily hang old ornate picture frames, newly painted in bright colours, on the walls. Use them to display monochrome photographs, vintage multi-coloured cushion covers or glue twigs, driftwood and seashells to produce unique pieces of artwork. Add in a couple of full length, mid-century mirrors and the look is complete.  Don’t forget, if you aspire to become a fashionista, you must be prepared to set trends rather than follow existing ones, so always try to stamp your own personality onto everything you do. Take chances – you may not always get it exactly right, but when you do, your friends and family are sure to be impressed. 

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