I've been hearing lots of people rave on about Asos and how good everything is at the moment so I thought i'd have a little browse at some bits and pieces. I've picked out just a few items that i'm loving right now. First of all these cute ankle grazers, i've never had a pair before because i'm so short however because asos have their petite range I recon I could get a pair that would actually sit above my ankles. I'm loving grey right now so I picked out this jumper, it's so slouchy and looks so comfy, but with some jeans and heels I think it would look so nice for a meal out or shopping. I love orange, I already have an amazing orange bag from Zara, but this clutch is gorgeous. I love how a bright bag can brighten up any outfit. I love wearing black and grey so this is just a perfect bag and would go with so many different outfits. I seem to be loving trainers at the moment, i've joined the gym and really want a pair of Nike running shoes, they have some really unique colours and patterns. I love these ones with the lime trim from Asos. I love shopping on Asos because you get free delivery and theres always some kind of discount code floating around.
Theres always discount codes on Fashion Beans, they always have codes for Asos, River Island and many more.
I'm on a spending ban right now because i'm off to Florida in like 7 weeks! I'm so excited, so i'm saving for that but send over your Asos wish lists i'd love to see them.

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