Since I was about 10, maybe a little older i've always gone on holiday. Every year whether it be with my parents or now i'm older with my boyfriend. I love holidays, i've always wondered whether i'd enjoy going travelling for a year or so but I don't think i'm confident and if i'd be able to do it. It's something I think about doing alot though. For now though i'm sticking to my holidays, last year I went to Tenerife and Gran Canaria which are both part of the Canary Islands. I had an amazing time, I really like the Canaries because they are so pretty but have amazing weather all year round. I'd love to do some city breaks and do some sightseeing aswell. I think i'd love to go to Amsterdam or Prague somewhere cute where I can ride a gondola. I think i'd also like a try a cruise, my parents don't really like the idea of being stuck on a boat so i've never been on one before however I think they are a great way to travel and see different places. I always imagine Cruises being really luxurious. Theres so many different places you can go! You can literally travel all over the world. Fred Olsen offer a huge number of Cruises from the UK This year i'm going to Florida, for two weeks of theme parks and shopping, i'm so excited. I'm hoping to maybe go on another holiday later on in the year but I don't know where to go! Where do you like to travel on holiday? Have you ever been on a cruise or travelling and do you have any tips ?

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